4 Simple Ways to Make your Home Fall Fabulous

Fall is the year’s most colourful season, and quite possibly my favorite time of year!! One of the things I miss the most about Canada, where I was born and raised, is seeing the leaves on the trees turn colors. It’s everything you would expect in autumn – vibrant red, orange, yellow, and purple leaves standing out against a clear blue sky. There’s a crisp chill outside, and the faint smell of smoky bonfires fill the air. It’s the time of year we don our favorite wool sweater and thick socks. Fall, in a word, is fabulous!! While, here in LA, we’ve been seeing temperatures in the 90s, this hasn’t stopped us from incorporating the season’s colors into our decor. If anything, it makes us crave the creation of those cozy spaces to curl up in with that fave book and apple cider. We’re excited to share with you a few easy and inexpensive ways to bring the warm colors of Fall into your home.

Forage for Foliage

Most Californians love to hike and enjoy the great outdoors just as much as anyone else. My favorite family activity with the kids is taking our dog, [name], on nature walks. It’s a time where tasks and work cannot exist – just us, our conversations, and memories. I love our walks around this time of year and the interior inspiration it sparks. There are so many beautiful things mother nature has to offer to make an indoor space fall-fabulous. Pick a few branches of colorful fall leaves, and simply arrange in a tall glass vase. From this bold focal point, build out the rest of your tabletop display with pumpkins and gourds. Voila!

Visit Your Local Pumpkin Patch

Nothing sets the tone for Fall better than a trip to your local pumpkin patch. While you’re there, gather an array of seasonal gourds and pumpkins – don’t be afraid to play with different colors, sizes, and textures. I love incorporating white and grey pumpkins to the mix. They add an elegant and unexpected twist. They’re great for decorating tabletops, entryways, and steps.


Set Your Tablescape – Keep it Natural

The one thing we all look forward to in Fall is Thanksgiving and time with family. Put your autumnal activities to good use and create a tablescape from elements found in nature. Simple white plates with a seasonal theme paired with antique flatware, and simple glass stemware keep this rustic setting looking elegant, while green and white pumpkins with orange and red leaves/florals give it a pop of seasonal color. Let your fall-freak-flag fly!

Enjoy it!

We captured this moment to remind us how short this season truly is, and to remind ourselves that curling up under a thick blanket with a good book and a hot drink on a cool autumn afternoon is nothing more than perfectly fall-fabulous!

Shelf Help!

The first home my husband and I owned in California was full of built in shelves.  Tempted to get rid of them, it simply wasn’t in the budget.  And so, I eventually embraced the idea of having a place to showcase “stuff”, but wasn’t quite sure where to start??  I had a few framed photographs from our wedding of us with family, and other photos of friends at the time along with a few books (mostly from College).  But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t quite get my shelves to look like the ones I saw in magazines.  It wasn’t before long that our parents and grandparents were handing down vintage frames of black and white photos of relatives we had never known, vases, porcelain figurines, tea cups, plates, stamp collections, the list goes on.  I quickly grew to love the stories behind these pieces and meaning they had within our families.  I couldn’t bring myself to store these away in a box to one day be passed on to our children.  These pieces had a special meaning for us, mainly because they were apart of the memories we had of the family members who once possessed them, something we wanted for our own children.  So the challenge of incorporating these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces into our lives, style and decor became a true labor of love, and that’s where we begin!

Here’s my 5 tips on how to put together a fabulous shelf…

1) Start with love, your interests, your hobbies –  Whether you collect books, frames, coins, tea cups, plates, stamps or rocks, your love for these cherished collectibles deserve a rightful place in your life and home.  If you have a number of items to fill a shelf, you’re in luck!  If not, fear not.  Think outside the box for uniques items and head to antique stores and flea markets.  These places are filled with thousands of unique collectibles suitable for any style, love and personality that you want your space to reflect.

2) Size doesn’t matter –  Objects of  shapes can play off each other.  Don’t be shy to go big or even bold.  Oversized books, vases, large ornamental piece creates drama and attracts attention.   Items don’t have to sit perfectly symmetrical on the shelf either.  Mixing heights and size of objects will keep the eyes from being visually bored and keep them moving. So, go ahead and pair a large frame with a smaller one or display both large and small pottery pieces together giving the display dimension and interest that can be seen from across the room.

3) Color matters –  Deciding what items to display on your shelf, for me, begins with color.  Keeping pieces within the same color families/palette as the rest of the room is key! The colors of your room can easily be reflected by choosing books with covers that either match or complement the other colors of the room, for example.

4) Layer – I love it when a shelf has depth. Display your favorite painting or larger taller pieces in the back behind smaller pieces to create depth and visual interest.  This will keep your display from looking flat.

image via centsationalgirl.com

5) Mix it up – Highlight your love for mixing and matching metals.  If you’ve combined stainless steel appliances with bronze-finished lighting and polished nickel plumbing fixtures, extend that to your shelves.  Combine these finishes with frames, vases and ornamental accent pieces to create a more complete and integrated look.